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Twisted Geek

the inner geekdom is coming out to play ...

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9 June 1982
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Hmmm ... Well, I'm currently a poor, starving film school graduate in the Mile High City. My friend Alia (aliaspiral) decided that I didn't have enough time-consuming hobbies in my life and convinced me to start a live journal, so here I am. :-D

aliaspiral also convinced me that I needed to mod a few communities with her. Lol!

So, I am the proud ... mostly absent, but still proud ... mod of roswellficrecs. It mostly keeps itself to itself over there. Admittedly, I kinda neglect it.

The other community we mod together is minionsficrecs. We actually *do* update this one and keep an eye on it. So, go check it out and if any of the fandoms are your cup of tea, hang out with us for a bit. ;)

Brushes that I either have or could possibly use in my icons were made by:

hanako_lovely, awmp, bashfulbounties, cdg_brushes, creative_coaxme, dj43, aetter, ewanism, ownthesunshine, firithel_icons, glimglamoury, jadedicons, ladybanteerin, letsboogie_, losericons, myrasis, oxoniensis, snarkybecky, neke, tragic_icons, pixar_eve, unmasked_icons, wizzicons, wound3d, or Braggadocio

All my icons, unless otherwise noted, were made by me, so don't change them and credit me if you snag one from there, okio?

Got a new moodtheme! Starring the lovely Winchester boys. It was made by lidi and is wonderful and I will call it my squishy. ;) Thanks again for sharing it with the general public and letting me snag it!
action figures, adam baldwin, alan rickman, alan tudyk, animal rights, anna paquin, bam/ryan, batman, battlestar galactica, books, brendan fehr, bruce campbell, christian bale, christopher eccleston, comic books, coupling, cwrps, darcy/elizabeth, daria, darien fawkes, david bowie, david duchovny, dean winchester, dean/sam, doctor who, doctor/rose, due south, dugera, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy movies, farscape, firefly, fox mulder, green day, han solo, han/leia, harry potter, helo/starbuck, hugh jackman, icons, indiana jones, invisible man, ioan gruffudd, j squared, j2, jack o'neill, jackass, jared padalecki, jason momoa, jayne, jayne/kaylee, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jim halpert, jim/pam, john krasinski, johnny depp, josh charles, joss whedon, kaylee, kevin smith, labyrinth, leo kottke, loreena mckennitt, lost, macgyver, majandra delfino, maria deluca, matson jones, michael guerin, michael rosenbaum, michael/maria, milla jovovich, movies, mulder/scully, narnia, nathan fillion, newsies, nine/rose, peter pan, peter sarsgaard, pitch black, pride and prejudice, prison break, rainn wilson, reboot, richard dean anderson, riddick/jack, ron weasley, ronan dex, roswell, roswell fanfiction, ryan dunn, sam winchester, sark, sawyer/sayid, sci-fi, serenity, spawn, sports night, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, supernatural, tattoos, the invisible man, the office, the x-files, tracy/link, tumnus, veronica mars, vin diesel, viva la bam, wincest, wolverine, wolverine/rogue, x-files, x-men, 二宮和也, 大野智, , 松本潤, 櫻井翔, 相葉雅紀

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