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Vote! Please!

So, word on the street right now is that Supernatural is only at around a 60% to get renewed for a third season. If you haven't done so yet, I'm begging you to go vote for me! Well, not for me because I'm not in danger of being cancelled, but vote for Supernatural as a favor to me. ;)

E!Online Save Our Show Poll

Woot for Jared, Jensen, Sam, Dean, and the rest of the crew up there in Vancouver working their butts off to make a fantastic show!
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Adorable Jensen

I'm sure that some of you have seen this already, but if you haven't, GO! RUN! Because it's the cutest damn Jensen Ackles I've ever seen EVER and that's saying something because the boy can make me weak in the knees on his worst day.

Link to where you can download Jensen's Channel 10 Blue Dot Commercial. Be sure to post and thank bluebear_74 for uploading it for all to see. ;)

Seriously. The second part? Where he's all laughy and giggly and embarrassed looking?? Best 1.5 seconds of my LIFE. I'm pretty sure that heaven would just be that on repeat. *points to icon* No, seriously.
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New Layout!

Yeah, so I never post here anymore, but I can't help wanting to create headers! gar. So, as a result: new layout! featuring my new obsessions: Sam and Dean of Supernatural fame. Why? Because they are collectively one of the best things to come along in a very long time.

Woot for sexy men!
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Todd McFarlane rules

So, I've always adored Todd McFarlane's toys. They just look beyond awesome and are definitely superior to most other sculptures out there.

My roomie just came in and told me that McFarlane is putting out ... are you ready for this? ... LOST FIGURES! They don't look like you can play with them so much (not bendy and posable), but they look friggin awesome.

And I want Charlie! He looks adorable. Of course I'll wait to actually buy them until I can see them up close and make sure I like how they look in real life and all that, but I'm so excited I had to share!
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Doctor Who

Long time, no entry, I know. Yikes. I've been lurking around LJ when I get the chance, but rarely have time to actually create anything I find worth posting.

However. (And I know quite a few of you are probably already on this ship) I just discovered the new Doctor Who.

I'll try to keep my thoughts on the vague side, so as not to spoil anything major for those that wish to read but still want to watch Doctor Who and be surprised. Most of my rant is about characters, not events, if that helps.

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If you haven't seen the new first series of Doctor Who, what are you waiting for?! Go! Now!
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New Layout!

Yes, I'm sure you suspected this was going to happen eventually, but it's official. I got bored today and as a result now have a Ryan and Bam header that I made for myself with matching layout. *grin*

So, check it out HERE and lemme know if anything looks ridiculous or is hard to look at. This is important stuff, you know? It all looks groovy on my comp, though, so I'm hoping for nothing major.

And with that, I must take my leave as I'm supposed to be leaving in a few minutes and am very far from being ready. :-D
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Icons catch-up

I'm so far beyond tired right now that I can't even fall asleep anymore. I hate that. I've actually exhausted myself to the point of being physically ill and because I don't feel well, I can't fall asleep. Stupid body.

So, since I can't sleep, I figured I'd post some very, very random icons that I've made since last I posted. :) Emphasis on "random." This post is gonna jump all over the place, so prepare yourself! Lol!

Included in this post:

(06) Sky High
(08) O Brother, Where Art Thou? quote/text icons
(17) O Brother, Where Art Thou? picture icons
(01) Prison Break
(02) Lost
(04) Empire Records quote/text icons

Which makes a grand total of ... 38 icons if I've done my math correctly. But, as stated above, I'm tired as all hell, so who knows, right?


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More to come later, and honestly, I'm so obsessed with Bam and Ryan at the moment, that you can probably expect to see some icons of them popping up sometime in the near future. I can't help it. They are SO my new pretend TV boyfriends!

Will be crossposted at some point in the future as I'm too tired to figure it all out right now. ;)
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Funny Vin Diesel non-facts

So, a friend of mine from the film school knows that I love Vin Diesel. (We used to live in the dorms together and he was a fellow RA, so he got to hear me gushing about the cuteness and hotness that is Vin *constantly*.) And as he was browsing the internet the other day, he came across This "Random facts about ..." website and one of the three people that you could read random facts about was Vin Diesel.

But, the thing is, all the facts are made up and people vote on which they think are the best or funniest. And more than a few of them are simply hysterical. My friend was kind enough to print out a list of the top 30 for me, so I'll share a few of my favorites. ;)

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And I just noticed: why the hell don't I have a Vin icon?! I must rectify this immediately!
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Ugh, plus a fangirl squee

So, I just finished a three day shoot (that's where the "ugh" comes from) and while it was good and fun and all that stuff, I'm just so incredibly tired right now.

I should be sleeping or completely zoning out, but I have tp share my total fangirl squee moment of the month with people that may (probably) get this. It's further proof of what an absolute and utter geek I am. For those of you that will get this, I don't mind 'cause chances are, you're just as much of a dork as I am, and for those of you that don't get this, that's okay, too. Just know it's very geeky.

So, on the way to the shoot today, I'm driving along the highway, take my exit and pass a sign that says, and I kid you not, "285 South." I was driving on 285 South today and all I could think was, "I wonder if there's a nookie motel."

I'm just embarassed, because naturally I know that there's a 285 South in New Mexico, but I had no idea that it extended to Colorado. Am I insane or just stupid? Or both. I'm not ruling out any possiblities at this point. I was so incredibly tempted to buy a little disposable camera and beg someone from the shoot to drive back with me and take my picture under one of the signs, but that seemed like kind of a bad idea for a couple reasons. 1) It's a highway. If you can avoid stopping, it's probably a good idea. And second, and more importantly, I'd have to explain to whomever exactly *why* I wanted this picture and then I would've either had to lie or have them think I was even more whacko than they already do.

Okay, thank you for letting me share. :)
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